Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Making of the Fairfax Village Community Garden

The Fairfax Village Community Association owns two tennis courts that have been derelict for the last decade.  The eastern most court is being transformed from an impervious surface to a community garden.  Thanks to a grant from the District Department of the Environment the tennis court was removed earlier this year.

ANC Commissioner Robert Jordan has been spearheading this project. He received the Mayor's Sustainability Award last Thursday for his efforts.

On Saturday July 27th we had a community day at the community garden.  Volunteers from Fairfax Village, Anacostia Watershed Society, and Georgetown University toiled away to build the retaining wall, remove overgrowth from the stairs, and added mulch.  We also had some youth from the Summer Youth Employment Program and Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services.

I probably should get a flag on the play for overuse of instagram photos. LOL.

Proposed plans

Georgetown students checking in

Chris and Mary from the Anacostia Watershed Society

Georgetown students clearing vines off the steps

Ms V (aka yours truly) working hard

Georgetown students sorting concrete

Concrete for the retaining wall

Youth digging ditch fo the retaining wall

Shovels (as if you couldn't tell)

Beginning of the retaining wall

Mary from Anacostia Watershed Society giving us direction

Youth volunteer overseeing the mixing of concrete

Georgetown students

My neighbors

Working on the retaining wall

Prepping the site