Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Where are the Ward 7 Cyclist & Cyclist-to-be

Cycling is one of Ms V's modes of choice (when the weather cooperates).  I believe the best part about living in a city is having options.  Some times I bike, other times I bus, and yes... some times I drive *gasp*.  Biking around Ward 7 has its high points and low points.  For all intents and purposes, I feel safe biking around the Ward.  Most motorists (even the ones from Maryland) give me adequate room when they pass and are generally courteous.

The DC Bicycle Advisory Council is committed to working on the east to west connectivity for cyclists (and in turn pedestrians).  I can testify that trying to cross the Sousa Bridge on the east side near the ramps to and from 295 is dangerous.  The BAC wants your feedback on their recommendations.  Click the link below to get to their page.


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  1. Thanks! I will submit my thoughts. I think we should make bike boulevards and create a ward 7 bike map indicating lanes. These maps can be online or in paper at bikeshares. They would list pathways to recreational areas, shopping, bridges and major attractions. This is something we can do now without waiting for any legislation or approval from outside authorities. Ward 7 or East of the River Bike Maps in 2012!
    Anacostia Yogi