Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ms V Speaks and NPS listens

I at least hope National Park Service listens.   Anywho... National Park Service had a public comment period for the DRAFT ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT - ANACOSTIA RIVERWALK TRAIL SECTION 3.   Ms V actually forgot about it, but I was able to quickly skim the EA and whip up some comments.  My two cents.

I am a resident of Fairfax Village in the Hillcrest neighborhood and I'm commute via bike on a regular basis. I support ALTERNATIVE B: REALIGNMENT OF SECTION 3 OF THE ANACOSTIA RIVERWALK TRAIL (NPS PREFERRED).  This alternative would provide much needed connections along the Anacostia River.  It would be a safer north to south route for cyclists than along the local roads.

As you move forward with design please consider the following:
  • Wayfinding:
  • Many of the designated bike routes in Ward 7 are not intuitive or obvious if someone isn't a regular user.  Please ensure adequate signage and other visual clues to guide cyclist safely through the area.
  • Safety plan:
  • Safety is a concern for many cyclist.  Given some of the safety challenges along the Met-Branch Trail, please ensure that a safety plan is developed, funded, and implemented as part of this project.  This includes, but not limited to, adequate lighting, emergency call boxes, security cameras, snow/ice removal, and US Park Police bike patrol.
  • Incorporation of art:
  • Final design should incorporate art that celebrates and reflects the history of the river.
  • Accessibility to the path from the local neighborhoods:
  • As mentioned in the background, accessing the river is a challenge.  Please include paths that connect the local community to this trail.

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