Friday, December 9, 2011

Message to all the candidates....

Ms. V was not pleased to learn that my name was used in a press release by a Ward 7 Candidate earlier today.  I appreciate the clarification by the campaign.  To prevent this mishap in the future, let me make two things very clear to any candidate:

1) I do NOT publicly endorse nor donate to any local political campaign, and
2) an endorsement by any group that I'm affiliated with does not always mean an endorsement by me

When my business partner and I started our company we made a decision not to donate or endorse as a company or individuals to local political campaigns where we wanted to do business.  We didn't want someone to accuse us of being a "pay to play" company.  We wanted to be able to say we earned our contracts because we were the best company.  Given the recent hoopla over city contracts, we made the right decision.

I think number 2 is self-explanatory....

Ms V is always willing to be a sounding board (especially on issues of economic development, transportation, and small business) to any political campaign, elected official, or anyone with a pulse for that matter.  I don't have to like you to work with you.

So no hard feelings to the candidate.  I wish him and all the Ward 7 candidates the best of luck.

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