Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's called capitalism

Capitalism has its positives and negatives.  One of the positives of capitalism is it promotes competition.  Safeway at Good Hope Marketplace is now whining because of the prospects of a Walmart at Skyland Shopping Center across the street would violate a covenant that prevents competitors.  While I'm not jumping for joy at Walmart, the idea that Safeway would actually have to improve has me grinning like the Grinch that Stole Christmas.

Washington Post's Nikita Stewart has an article detailing the complications of the covenant in the process moving forward.  Look at this gem from Craig Muckle:
“We want to be cooperative, but there is a reason that the covenant is in place to protect our interests,” said Craig Muckle, Safeway’s manager of public affairs and government relations.

The Hillcrest Community Civic Association and ANC 7B have had a interesting tug-o-war with the Safeway for the last few years.  Mr. Muckle came to the civic association last August for a dog and pony show. To their credit, bike racks were added.  However, many of the other issues still remain.   If Safeway wants to protect their interests, they can start by implementing the things they promised the community last year.

I hope as the Gray Administration works out whatever deal with Safeway, it includes them cleaning up their act across the entire city.  If I were Mayor (shudder the thought) I'd tell Safeway, "Tough cookies.  If you don't want to lose business, then upgrade the quality of the service you provide". But... that's why I'm not the Mayor.

And speaking of Safeway, Winslow Woodland who is leading the efforts to improve the Good Hope Marketplace location prepared this video of the trash outside of Safeway.  One of the more appalling things is the amount of trash in the storm drains.

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