Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mayor Gray is offering free scholarships to Rail~Volution

Mayor Gray is offering 1-day scholarships to DC residents and community leaders who are interested in attending Rail~Volution.  To apply, click here.

Rail~Volution is coming to DC October 16-19th.  The conference focuses on building livable communities.  As you know many of us in Ward 7 have been lobbying for better bus service on existing lines and creating bus service that better connects is intra-ward and to Ward 8.  This is a great event to learn what other communities around the country are doing to improve mobility.

SHAMELESS PROMOTION in 3...2....1.... Ms V is on a panel on October 19th.  I'll be wearing two hats: community advocate and practitioner.

Community Outreach Strategies for Engaging Diverse Stakeholders CM 1.5
With public investment in infrastructure growing ever scarcer, public and private agencies need to dig deeper into their communities to ensure all voices are being heard. Investments in transit, bikeways and affordable housing will not be saved by community members who are accustomed to attending public meetings. This session will feature case studies for engaging diverse stakeholders from three large American cities. 
Moderator: Diane Goodwin, Manager of Project Communications, TriMet, Portland, Oregon  
Marla Wilson, Sustainable Development Associate, Greenbelt Alliance, San Francisco, California
Veronica Hahni, Executive Director, Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative, Los Angeles, California 
Veronica O. Davis, PE, Transportation Committee Chair, Hillcrest Community Civic Association, Washington, DC

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  1. Crossing my fingers that I get a scholarship. I think this is really a great time for East of the River residents to speak up. Those of us who don't want to depend on cars must be vocal. Alot of people East of the River, wear the car culture as a badge of succcess. I think it keeps property value down and forces us to take our money to Maryland or across the river. Anything that we can do to increase awareness about walk-able communities will help everyone, including the planet.

    Thanks for sharing!