Friday, September 30, 2011

Hillcrest Community Civic Association

October's monthly meeting with be a town hall meeting, moderator by yours truly.  I know the Hillcrest Wine Tasting & Art Auction is the night before, so hopefully you party animals will make it out Saturday morning.

Hillcrest Community Civic Association
October 1, 2011, 10am-noon
Hillcrest Recreation Center

Come prepared to help the Hillcrest Community Civic Association (HCCA) board plan its 2012 agenda. Due to the popularity of the HCCA’s open forum meetings, the board decided to do another one. It realizes that many residents do not feel their voices are heard. Or they may have a simple solution to a complex problem. Or they may want to compliment (or criticize) the HCCA, and feel there is no venue. Well, the board is providing you with that venue. We ask that you think about the following:
What issues do you want to see addressed? 
What guest speakers would do you want to address the membership? 
What types of events would you like to have? 
Is the HCCA open enough that you feel you can volunteer?  
As an option, feel free to email HCCA president Karen Williams at 
This is your civic association, please help us meet your needs.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Video on Gerrymandering

As redistricting of the ANC comes to an end, here is an interesting video on Gerrymandering shared on the Ward 7 listservs

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Community Participation Needed - 10/5

International Walk to School Day is almost here!!!!  The HCCA Transportation Committee is looking for volunteers and community participation. 
How you can participate:
  1. Join us at 7:15 am at the school OR meet at the beginning of the walking school bus to assist with walking the kids to school
  2. If you live on a route, stand in front of your house and greet the kids as they pass
  3. Meet us at the school at 8:30 am and cheer the kids as they arrive to school

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fairfax Village Featured in Urban Turf

Fairfax Village gets some love by Urban Turf.  For the record Ms V and the author stated Fairfax Village was a community within Hillcrest.  The editors excluded it.

Excerpt from article:
Built in the 1940s as housing for retired federal workers and Capitol Hill staffers, the units at Fairfax Village were converted from rentals to condominiums in 1976. By DC standards, home prices are rock bottom; condos in the garden-style community start in the low $100,000s for one-bedroom units and newly renovated townhomes fetch somewhere in the $300,000 range. Phyllis Lee, who moved to Fairfax Village in the 1970s and served as a condo association president for 12 years, said that it’s relatively easy to have home improvements approved by the community.

For full article, click here.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Thursday, September 15, 2011

ANC7B Meeting Agenda

September 15, 2011

7:00 Call to Order, Roll Call

7:02 Treasurer's Report/Quarterly Report of Financial Activity

7:05 Police Reports (PSAs 605, 606, 607) and Neighborhood Watch Reports

7:15 DC Fire Department

7:20 Speaker: Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton
7:40 Speaker: Clara Canty, Instructional Superintendent, DCPS

8:05 Community Concerns

8:15 Old Business/New Business

8:20 Approval of Minutes–August 18, 2011 Meeting

8:25 Commissioners' Roundtable
8:45 Committee Reports/Standing Reports

-- Skyland Update
-- Pennsylvania Avenue Construction Update

8:55 Announcements

9:00 Adjourn

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mobile Bike Repair Clinic

The HCCA Street, Traffic and Transportation Committee will also be there to help promote the Capital Bikeshare program.

Hillcrest Gallery Art Auction & Wine Tasting

Ward 7 Concerned Citizens Coalition Meeting

Ward 7 Concerned Citizens Coalition Meeting Agenda

WHEN: Wednesday, September 14, 2011

LOCATION: Hughes Memorial United Methodist Church, 25 53rd Street, NE Washington, DC

TIME: 6:30 pm

PURPOSE: 1.) Continuing to seek Candidates for the Ward 7 Council member position; 2.) Identifying and discussing economic and political priorities for Ward 7

Open to All Ward 7 Residents

If there are questions, please call: 202-582-6459 or 202-812-5844

Thursday, September 8, 2011

More restaurants Ward 7's near future?

According to DCmud, the Washington DC Economic Development Partnership led a tour of three locations in Ward 7.  Our beloved Penn-Branch Shopping Center was one of them.

Excerpt from article:
"The District is working with WDCEP to highlight opportunities for restaurateurs and retailers in Ward 7 and Ward 8. The locations [on the tour today] are just a handful of opportunities that we’ll be focusing on as part of our overall efforts to expand restaurant and retail options in these two wards," said Jose Sousa, communications director for the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning &; Economic Development.

For full article, click here.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Car Free for the Day

September 22nd is Car Free Day.  Ms V took the pledge and you should too!!!  I like living in a community when I have multiple options.  Some times I take the bus and others I bike.  About once a week I move my car.

For more information about Car Free Day visit the Transportation Committee blog.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Save the date - Public Roundtable

Chairman Brown is having a public roundtable on the disposition of three properties in Ward 7.

Disposition of Ward 7 Properties

Final Rulemaking on Fort Dupont Ice Rink & Youth Baseball

Fresh off the Register, the Zoning Commission finally issues Final Rulemaking for expansion of the Fort Dupont Ice Rink and the youth baseball academy.

Final Rulemaking Fort Dupont Park

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Find your brakes

Better start slowing down or you'll be paying into the city coffers.  Now if I can just get a toll booth at Southern and Pennsylvania *hehe*