Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday Stew: What's Cooking

Ms V is sorry she neglected to keep up with Wednesday Stew.  Things have been stewing (more so simmering) over the last few months.  Here are some updates. Happy to say some action items are CLOSED!!!!

Pedestrian signal across Pennsylvania Ave SE at Alabama Ave SE - About a year ago we brought to DDOTs attention that 16 seconds is not adequate to cross Pennsylvania Ave SE.  This intersection is particularly bad during evening rush hour when the pedestrian traffic is high from people getting off the M6 at the Exxon.  I'm a fast walker and even I could barely make it across in 16 seconds.  I noticed today the time on the pedestrian signal was 25 seconds.  Thanks to all the neighbors who made this happen.

Fairfax Village Shopping Center (litter) - Kudos to the shopping center for making a real effort to keep the shopping center clean.   They added more trash cans and have a new cleaning crew.  Neighbors have said that it is noticeable cleaner.  Ms V agrees.  Thanks to Commissioner Jordan (7B06) for his leadership and the neighbors for standing up to demand better.

Bus Shelter at 38th and Pennsylvania Ave (Litter) - Despite TWO trash cans at the bus stop, the litter in the bus stop got out of control.  Thanks to neighbors that care, NPS has been making an effort to keep the shelter clean and clear of debris.  I pass the bus stop at least once a day and I haven't seen any litter.

VACANT LOT - 38th Street (2250 38th Street) - This property located on 38th Street SE has been discussed ad nauseum on this blog in June 2009, July 2009, August 2009, Wednesday Stews, and March 2011. We had a small victory in March when DPW came out to clean it up.  But then it started looking like this again:

So we filed yet another 311 request.  DPW came back out and now it looks like this!!!!  DPW assured me that the owner is being fined.

There still some tasks remaining with this property:

  • Follow-up with DDOT to get the fence moved back 2-3 feet so it isn't right on the sidewalk.
  • Contact owner to see if they are willing to clean up the property, add a fence, and allow the community to garden until they are ready to continue building

Fairfax Village Shopping Center (Loitering) - Loitering is still an issue at the shopping center.  MPD has been focusing their attention on the center.  The result is several drug related arrests over the last few weeks.  Commander Contee put in a request to make the Shopping Center a drug-free zone which prevents loitering.

Bus Shelter at 38th and Pennsylvania Ave (Lighting) - We are still working with NPS to get better lighting at the shelter.  At night the area is pitch black, which makes it unsafe.  The shelter has power and lights, but for whatever reason they aren't operable.

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