Friday, August 5, 2011

The meeting that went

The meeting tonight.... was underwhelming. After DDOT gave their presentation, they allowed time for Q&A. Ward 7 residents were concerned it wasn't going deeper into Ward 7. Ward 8 residents were concerned it wasn't going deeper into Ward 8. I asked DDOT "who are we connecting to what?" The main answer is they want to connect us to West of the River and have it touch other Circulator routes. The general sense of the community (someone please chime in if I mis-read reactions) is:

  • there is a desire to have connections East of the River to other communities East of the River
  • let's take our time and do this right or don't do it at all
  • let's not create a duplicate service when it hasn't worked with the convention center route

I think that DDOT is so focused on the operations, they haven't really stopped to think about the people. They haven't thought about where people East of the River go currently, where we'd like to go, and what time of the day we'd typically go there.

People can submit testimony via calling or writing to (202) 673-1736 through August 9th.

To the extent possible I tried to live blog the meeting on committee site: I apologize for any typos or misspelled names.

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  1. I think that as a community we are losing focus. Nobody knows yet how successful this line will be, or what lines would be successful. All of these discussions are just based on educated guesses. This is a DDOT program tailored to the city more tightly than Metro is able to, and so things can be quickly altered if the line is not meeting expectations. Other routes will be added later when the most important link has already been made--west of the river. Remember that the density of people where we live is *much* lower than the densities (residential, tourist, worker) where the other Circulator routes operate. While we should expect our fair share, let's make sure we can get a successful route up and running in the first place.