Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Things that make me mad

POLITRICKS.... Ms V was up early to head west for a meeting. I see a tweet from Greater Greater Washington that Brown was stripping Wells of the Committee on Public Works and Transportation. I've been away from my computer all day, but here's an email I sent to the Ward 7 Listservs this morning

I happened to see this post tweeted this morning. Brown is removing Tommy Wells from the Committee on Public Works and Transportation. Wells is one of the few (if not the only) Councilmember that regularly uses public transportation, so he understands first hand the frustrations of things like Ghost Buses (buses that never come). In addition, as soon as Wells took over the Committee his first stop was to Ward 7 to listen to our concerns for better bus service. In addition, several of us have had follow up meetings with Wells and his staff. We JUST had a meeting with them on Thursday to discuss the W4 and the need to pre-plan for St Es, Skyland & Capitol View Walmart coming online around the same time.

Wells is the FIRST Councilmember who has invested time and energy to get better alternative modes of transportation in Ward 7 and Ward 8. His staff has been helpful is encouraging DDOT to add more bikeshare stations in Ward 7, specifically in Fairfax Village and the Benning Road Metro Station.

We've had more attention from Wells and his staff in the last 4 months then we ever received from Graham when he was over the committee.

Regardless of whether the post regarding Brown's intentions are true or not, removing a transportation advocate as Chair of the Committee on Public Works and Transportation IS A HUGE MISTAKE!!!!

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