Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Recap: Ward 7 ANC Redistricting Meeting

Ms V arrived to the meeting late, but I didn't miss too much.  First of all, it was hotter in the room than it was outside. *blank stare* I'm glad I was good and hydrated before I got there.  The meeting was located in the small room in Hillcrest.  It was definitely over capacity.  Some people thought the meeting was just for the Task Force, but there were several member of the public in attendance, including yours truly.

Presentation Summary
The meeting started with an complex presentation on the guidelines for redistricting by the Office of Planning.  There wasn't a power point presentation.  The representative ( I missed her name) read from the guide.

After the guide, the Office of Planning representative went through the population and housing changes. There was a question regarding the 400 person discrepancy between the reported new Ward 7 population based on redistricting and the calculated population when you subtract Marbury Plaza and add the DC Jail.  The question was noted.

The meeting got confusing during the discussion of process.  CM Alexander suggested that each ANC meet separately to discuss what they want.  Office of Planning mentioned having everyone together.  The Task Force Chair (Ed Potillo) and Co-Chair (Angela Thompson Murphy) weren't introduced until someone asked were introduced at beginning, but I missed it. *SNARK ALERT #1: Not sure who dropped the ball, but I don't understand why there wasn't a clear process developed before the meeting*.  I think the end result was there will be another meeting with the Task Force members. *shrugs*

A preliminary report will be available on August 1st. *SNARK ALERT #2: Ummmmmmmm what the heck is going to be in the report? *

Discussion Summary
There was an opportunity for people to ask questions or make suggestions.

  • DC Jail: 
    • Will it be its own Single Member District (SMD) or will it be split with non-jail population?
    • How do you represent the DC Jail? CM Alexander stated they have representation now.
    • John Capozzi clarified that DC Jail is a SMD, but there is no ANC Commissioner for the SMD.
  • Precinct Boundaries:
    • Will boundaries be done before or after the primaries?  Board of Elections and Ethics (BOEE) stated they won't be redrawn until after the primaries.
  • ANC 7A:
    • Requests that the schools have representation from the community included in the ANC
  • ANC 7B:
    • How soon will Maps be available?  CM Alexander stated they are currently available online, but paper copies will be available at the next meeting.
    • 7B is losing 2 commissioners to Ward 8, will 7B have to expand or can it continue forward with 5 commissioners instead of 7?
  • ANC7C:
    • No comment
  • ANC7D: 
    • Would Reservation 13 be a new SMD or would it be split up? Would it be added to 7D01?
    • Suggests the shoe horn of 7D06 go to 7A
  • ANC7E
    • Are the intersections and side streets included in the boundary description? Ed Potillo stated they will try to follow main corridors to the extent possible.
    • Requested at next meeting to put maps on a powerpoint slide.
  • Resident (man, 30s) stated he was very upset at the poor organization of the meeting.  He stated that although maps are available online, paper copies should have been available for people who do not have internet access. *Amen, my brother*



  1. This sounds like a poorly planned event and there really is no excuse. No print outs AND no slideshow presentation? This only ads to the confusion (and frankly frustration) that EotR residents feel toward city agencies.

    It's very disappointing, especially after such a well planned Ward 8 Community Summit.

  2. This is exactly my problem with Councilwoman Alexander. Poor planning, poor execution and poor communication. She was barely involved in the redistricting effort. She had plenty of time to get her thoughts organized to present a clear and concise picture to the citizens. What is going on with her team? Does she think that this is still acceptable? It is not.

  3. It just sounds like more BS to me. It's time for her and her crew to go and I hope we have someone who can meet the challenge as an alternative option (someone who will run successfully against her- but someone who will bring much more to the table, w/o the nonsense). She is too poor of an excuse to represent anyone at this point and does not have the best interest of the community at heart. She couldve done many thing to improve and bring life to Ward 7, but chose to lapse and just let things run its course without any effort on behalf of who she was placed in office to represent (the all of the residents of Ward 7) and as an end result, we not only received little change in this Ward, but also inherited a jail. What the hell kind of gain is that? She needs to go because she is no longer doing this part of the city any good.

  4. How come no one objected to Patillo (read former Alexander Campaign Chair, Current Chair of Ward 7 Dems) was made chair of this committee as well?

  5. Anon: You are right about Mr. Ed Potillo. He is a nice guy but he should not be the chair of this task force! He is a "Yes" man for CM Alexander!

    All the other wards "Voted In" the chair and vice chair. CM Alexander's office is always "Ghetto" with policy and procedures!

    Mr. Potillo is a conflict of interest!

  6. The Ward 7 Redistricting Task Force will be a big mess! Too many people. If you look at all the other Wards, the task force members is a smaller group of people. All the meetings are open to the public and the community can send in recommendations.

    Why Ward 7 is just starting this process? All the other Wards are on the 4th or 5th meeting.

    We in Ward 7 just had our 1st meeting and we are suppose to present a progress report by August 1
    What are we going to send? A bunch of lies, nonsense or bull crap to the committee.

    This is a prime example why we need new leadership in Ward 7! This is sad!

    CM Alexander needs to go!

  7. Excuse me for venting, but I'm so completely angry over this incompetence. We got the jail and she is STILL crapping over the process?!? This woman is not the brightest bulb in the box and is a self-consumed "party girl" putting out for the highest bidder. Amin Muslim and his gang of thieves exploiting people in the name of constituent services and undermining citizens who were not part of their ex-drug running circle - what do you expect in getting due process when these people have been running this hustle for 5 years. When they consider our concerns "white noise" and laugh at us?

    And, please, everyone STOP with the "50 and over" vs "35 and under" fights. It's by design to keep us at each other's throats. We're on the same side. I'm 50 and I surely did not want this woman as my CM. And, I and many others have been as equally shut out by this EOR political criminal machine as much as you - and worse, because a lot of us were born here and CHOSE to stay over here.

    We tried to tell you guys when she was running the second time "NO!" This party girl has been too busy spreading venom about people in the community, making under the table deals with her cronies, ignoring citizens' crisis situations. (by the way: we need launch an investigation to determine if under constituent services if citizens facing foreclosure lost or sold their property to developers/real estate investors through their relationships with CM Alexander staff under the rouse these people were being called in to "help". I bet there are not statistics being kept of this.)

    We are the worst ward in the city now. We have now become the downhill recipient of all the waste of the other wards - and she was put in place to allow it! It was Ward 8 (not saying I endorse ANY ward not growing to sufficiency). We have unofficially become that. To our city "leaders", there's got to be one place in the city to put all human problems. One ward has to get the "poverty pimps" (who want La Yvette) so they can continue their programs that she gives unsolicited grants.

    We ALL need to galvanize to get this suit put through with the ACLU or whomever to get this redistricting deemed illegal. THERE HAS GOT TO BE A WAY. When a city leader is doing things to effect the redistricting process by circumventing process, in the midst of an impending campaign, with the cooperation of other CMs and even the mayor, this looks more like conspiracy to usurp the democratic process. It is an engineered method to dilute the voices of a group of people -- put in NON VOTING CITIZENS with no elected ANC representation to fill our population requirements! Where are we - Mississippi 1965? WHERE ARE THE LAWYERS EOR?!?!? Where's the NAACP?!?!? Are we now Duke's of Hazzard and our council are all Boss Hoggs?

    We ALL need to hit the streets NOW to kick out Yvette "Around the Way Girl" Alexander, Muslim, Alexanders "the Next Generation" (that is you, Ron Moten) and all these in-her-pocket supporters (and, yes, that includes a big swath of these EOR nonprofits who profit from our community decaying).

    I'm putting on my tennis shoes ready to go and canvass.