Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Speaking out against the Okie Doke

In case you've been under a rock for the last few months, the District has been going through redistricting. At yesterday's Council hearing, a last minute amendment to move all of Woodley Park to Ward 3 was added. The plan was approved 8-5 (Bowser, Thomas, Alexander, Barry, Orange).

Ms V hasn't said much about redistricting, because at the end of the day boundaries don't matter. My community and social ties don't have boundaries.

BUT what happened yesterday was an okie doke to the nth degree. The move of Woodley Park to Ward 3, makes Ward 3 just shy of the maximum population, while Ward remains slightly above the minimum. Ms V gives a shout out to Councilmember Muriel Bowser (Ward 4) for standing up and calling a spade a spade. She spoke with passion and conviction.

Here's what a Ward 7 residents has to say.

I am sitting back and watching as the CM and by extension the Gray administration is rapidly going down in flames. At some point and soon they have to come to the realization that things are off-track and some major assistance and support is needed from their base. As politicians and career politicians at that they are hopefully smart enough to know that in times of great distress in politics you retreat and regroup to your base and that is Ward 7.

In less than 6 months the Gray Administration has been in office it is almost dead and buried. With a probe into the hiring practices leading to a Federal and Congressional investigation. A recall effort is already underway how insulting is that and to add further salt to the wounds the poll numbers released the other day were abysmal and unheard of ever in DC politics. How much lower can they get it looks like this entire administration is in total freefall with a vote of no confidence in the Mayors leadership ability.

Just when things appear hopeless as if the Mayor would never be able to regain his footing along comes the redistricting plan and a "Waterloo" opportunity presents itself. The Mayor has to VETO the redistricting bill to restore his credibility and to also return some of the luster from the Character, Integrity, and Leadership mantra from the Campaign. Back then the Mayor's approval ratings were sky high and things were great for him. I am sure he wants to return to that time and he can. The path is clear as day, VETO the redistricting bill shows leadership by recognizing the lack of integrity in a bill that minimizes the votes of Ward 7 while maximizing the votes of Ward 3. That would show Character as well.

VETO the redistricting bill is Huge. It would stop the bleeding and place the administration on firmer footing. Think of it as a Stimulus to relieve the pressure and begin the road to recovery. Also it would rally the troops who are otherwise angry and discouraged.

A VETO is the only way I can see the administration can save itself moving forward and we should all take the time to convey this message to him via phone,text, email, personal visit or whatever. Just get him the message..

VETO the redistricting bill

Gregori Stewart

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  1. no disrespect meant to the person who wrote this, but the premise is silly.

    "minimizes the votes of ward 7"? "maximizes the votes of ward 3"? last i checked, each ward has one vote on the council, technically, and ward 7 has an outsized amount of influence, given that it has another councilmember (the chair) and the mayor both from the ranks of its citizens.

    honestly, since there are more people crammed into ward 3, each individual voter there has less influence now. in addition, since ward 7 has picked up a bunch of prisoners, when one removes them from the count of voting people, each individual in ward 7 has more influence as a voter than people in any other ward of the city.

    use that voting power as you will, people of ward 7, but do not complain that your vote has been diluted. in fact, the exact opposite has happened.