Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Recap: MPD Realignment Meeting

Tonight was the MPD Realignment meeting for the Sixth District. Ms V was doing double meeting duty. My night started at the 11th Street Bridge Community Communications Meeting, which I'll recap another night. The meeting finished early, so I decided to zip across town to the MPD Meeting. I was delayed by the accident at Minnesota Ave and Randle Circle. From what I could see one car was on its side and the other was smashed on the passenger side. But I digress.....

I arrived at the realignment meeting just in time for Chief Lanier to explain why all this was happening. To be clear, POLICE DISTRICT REALIGNMENT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WARD REDISTRICTING. Chief Lanier explained that realignment decisions were based on number of crimes, volume of calls for service, manpower/womanpower, and natural boundaries to name a few.

Commander "I Keep it Cool" Contee provided an overview of changes to the Sixth District
  • PSA 601: A portion of 603 will move into 601. It will expand to include all of the area wedged between the Anacostia River and I-295
  • PSA 602: Is considered a mega-PSA and it has 35% of the crime in 6D. It will be split into two PSAs, 602 and 608. The split will put Lincoln Heights and Clay Terrace in two different PSAs. Since PSA 602 already has 2 Lieutenants, no new Lieutenant is needed.
  • PSA 603: Portion that was west of I-295 was moved into 601
  • PSA 604: Portion South of Alabama Ave will move to 605
  • PSA 605: Will expand North of Fort Dupont Park to include the park some residential areas north of the park
  • PSA 606: Fairfax Village is located in 606. Our PSA boundary is unchanged
  • PSA 607: The area bounded by Minnesota Ave, Naylor Road and Good Hope Road will move into the Seventh District

Chief Lanier stated the final decision is about five months away. Here are the handouts with more detailed information. If you have issues with the PSA boundaries or support the boundaries, make your voice heard. Contact Commander Robert Contee at robert.contee@dc.gov.

Other notables in attendance: Assistant Chief Groomes, Assistant Chief Durham, Seventh District Commander Maupin, Councilmember Mendelson, Councilmember Alexander. There were some other MPD in white shirts, but I don't know their names. I'm assuming they were top brass.

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