Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Where are you men of courage?

I saw the preview to "Courageous" when I went to see "Jumping the Broom" this weekend. (A little secret about Ms V..... I'm a sap when it comes to movies.) The preview had me choked up. One thing Ward 7 needs more of is men making these babies to step up to be fathers. There are too many kids in our ward with part time or absentee dads.

One great line from the previews - "Where are you men of courage? I believe every father should step up and answer the call"

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  1. Boys without positive male role models run a serious risk of becoming the same kind of men who fathered them, abandoned them and are unaccountable to them. - M. Valbrun

    Thanks for introducing the move to me; I'll be at the theater for this one.