Thursday, May 19, 2011

Washington City Paper shows Thai Orchid's Kitchen some love

Chris Shott profiled Thai Orchid's Kitchen in the upcoming edition of the Washington City Paper. We all know how I feel about Thai Orchid's Kitchen.... Kudos for Mr. Shott for a well written piece!!!!! Check out his piece called Thai Me a River.

Here is an excerpt that explain how our community turned lemons into lemonade:

You can probably guess what happened next. One night this past December, three masked gunman entered the eatery and robbed the joint. The perps didn’t get away with much. “Just some money, but that’s nothing,” Bhagirat says, adding that none of the family members who staff his restaurant were hurt during the incident. “We told them, ‘We don’t handle much cash here.’ We don’t get that much traffic. We generate most of our orders online.”

Ironically, the scary stick-up turned out to be the best thing to happen to Bhagirat’s restaurant since it opened. “That’s why we’re getting so popular,” he says.

The very next day, neighbors organized a luncheon at Thai Orchid’s in an attempt to convince the family not to pack up and leave. The event has since morphed into a monthly community buffet, where neighbors are encouraged to sample various Thai dishes many have never tried before. Some newer customers even suggested changes to the menu; fried rice with bits of grilled salmon is one such addition.

For those of you that haven't had their food yet, you are missing out.

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