Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tell DDOT what you want

Ms V in her role as Chair of the Street, Traffic and Transportation Committee went to bat for our little community. I'm a member of the BikeShare and I love the program. I just wish we had a location near the Village. I've been bugging DDOT since before the program started. A week ago I rolled up in their office to lobby for us. On Friday DDOT met with us. Visit the committee's blog for a recap.

*Steps out of committee role and into activist role* The committee and our commissioner, Robert Jordan (ANC 7B06) have spoken on your behalf. Now its your turn.

Community, please email DDOT
ddot.bikeshare@dc.gov to let them know you want a BikeShare station near Fairfax Village, preferably the triangle park at 38th Street, Alabama Ave and Pennsylvania Ave. Please CC: Robert (7B06@anc.dc.gov) and I (vod2@cornell.edu) on the email.

If you need some talking points see bullets below:
  • State if you are a member. If you haven't activated your membership, tell DDOT why you haven't.
  • If you aren't a member, state you will commit to joining if we get a station.
  • Fairfax Village is a working class and middle income neighborhood with bike enthusiasts of all ages
  • Many residents of Fairfax Village do not have own a motor vehicle and we do not have a metro station
  • A bike station in Fairfax Village would connect us to Good Hope Marketplace, Penn-Branch, Fort Dupont Park, Benning Library, Minnesota-Pennsylvania Ave (YES and Thai Orchid)
  • PSA 606 is a low crime area

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