Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Skyland.... the saga continues

Skyland has has so many starts and stops that Ms V has entered a state of cautious optimism. Mayor Gray, Attorney General Irvin Nathan and DMPED Victor Hoskins have all stated that Skyland is a high priority. In Mr. Hoskins confirmation hearing, he so eloquently called Skyland a symbold for what hasn't happened.

At the last ANC meeting DMPED asked the community to begin thinking about some interim uses for the property because demolition would begin soon. Ms V has heard the word "soon" with Skyland so many times that I'm not sure what "soon" means anymore.

Liz Farmer from the Examiner reports:
A spokesman for the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development said the District plans to do "some phased demolition this fall on parts that we control" and is now beginning outreach with the community for input on the site.

"Right now, we're trying to get everybody ready for the development in and of itself," Jose Sousa said. "It will take another 18 to 20 months to settle all these cases."

For full article, click here.
After all the false alarms, I guess this is the real deal. Starting thinking about some interim uses you'd like to see on the site.

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