Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bike Trails East of the River

Greater Greater Washington has a great analysis on trails East of the River.

Road design, topography, and the arrangement of parkland make biking east of the Anacostia River difficult. However, that parkland also creates an opportunity to add miles of bike trails to stand in for the connectivity that on-street routes are unable to provide.

In fact, there is the potential to add trails east of the Anacostia river that would equal more bike trails than the rest of DC combined. Despite this, the area's history is unfavorable to bike usage.

Most of the infrastructure east of the river was planned after the widespread adoption of the automobile. As a result it is fractured, with a discontinuous street grid which makes for traffic sewers and circuitous routes. Furthermore, the width and scale of the roads were designed around cars, making it difficult for DDOT to add in bike lanes without taking out traffic lanes or parking.

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