Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Speaking of Liquor Stores

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Ms V has begun tackling the Mayor's proposed FY 2012 DC government budget. Because of my role on the Hillcrest Community Civic Association Board, my focus will be getting my arms around the transportation budget. However, there is a revenue initiative in the budget that gives me pause.

Hidden on page 35 of the Budget overview, is the following bullet

Allowing off-premise liquor sales until midnight $2.4 million
To that Ms V says H-E-Double Hockey Sticks NO. The liquor store at Fairfax Village Shopping Center closes at 10pm. It's bad enough we have to deal with loitering at the shopping center and all the issues that come with loitering until 10pm. In addition, the patrons of the liquor store throw liquor and beer bottles all over our community. One morning I collected 13 liquor bottles and beer cans. Let's not prolong this another two hours.

I know we are leaking retail sales to the suburban jurisdictions, but as my granddaddy would say "all money isn't good money". Some money comes at a high social cost. For example, will this $2.4 million be used for sanitation enforcement to fine property owners for not properly abating litter including impact to abutting properties? The Fairfax Village Shopping Center currently has a officer that sits either in or outside the liquor store from 8pm-close at 10pm. Will this $2.4 million be used for additional police presence at the shopping center and surrounding communities through the extended hours?

I can't speak for all of Ward 7, but something tells me they probably share my position. If the Mayor wants to make money on booze sales, then I would like to request an exemption for the Fairfax Village liquor store. I'm not one to jump on the NIMBY bandwagon, but on this issue I'm willing to jump behind the wheel. Writing my ANC Commissioner now.

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  1. Wow. Good luck with that. We got a heap dumped on us when we dared to support a police suggestion to halt sales at 11pm (not close, but just stop selling alcohol).