Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's ain't over, til it's over

We came. We protested. We chanted. What started out as 2, became 3, which eventually became 10 and then multiplied into 20. Ward 7 needs a lot of things. Another liquor store is most definitely NOT one of them.

Uncle Lee's Seafood has applied for a class A liquor license. We say "NO MORE". The fight has just begun. Please come out to the next protest on April 9th. Bring signs, noise makers, and a spirit to fight for injustice. We will be at Uncle Lee's (corner of Sheriff Road and Eastern Ave) at 10:00 am - 12:00 pm.

This isn't just a Deanwood thing.... This is a Ward 7 thing. We need to fight as a community.


  1. Hi Ms V,
    How did you find out which businesses were applying for liquor licences, we have Association meeting coming up, and I would like to put this on the table. Where did you find the info about who and where people are thinking about applying for new licenses?
    Another concerned citizen EOTR.

  2. Typically a notice goes to your ANC Chair and the ANC of the smd of the business. Which means you as a concerned citizen may or may not hear about it depending on the quality of communication of the ANC to residents.