Monday, April 4, 2011

Community Crime Alert: Shooting

It is with a heavy heart that I have to announce that there was a shooting in the public alley leading to the Fairfax Village IV Parking lot (3900 block of Pennsylvania Ave SE) last night around 9:50 pm. The "victims" drove themselves to the Fire Station on 2800 block of Pennsylvania Ave. From there the "victims" were transported to the hospital for injuries. MPD officers and detectives were on scene in the parking lot until around midnight.

MPD believes this was a domestic situation and not a random act of violence. They will be providing more up to date information as the investigation unfolds, but I wanted to make sure everyone was aware. If you have any tips (no matter how insignificant you think it might be) regarding this incident, please contact MPD at 888-919-CRIME or Text to 50411.

Ms V is a little dismayed because this incident will forever leave a "Scarlet Letter" on our community. There is already a perception that this area is unsafe and incidents like this further perpetuate that stereotype. Despite this was a shooting, this is the first incident of this magnitude in my five years living here. Ms V is confident this was an isolated incident, but (regardless if you are in Georgetown or Fairfax Village) please be aware of your surrounds. Also, call a neighbor to look out the window if you are coming home late.

I've jumped on my soapbox several times, be a nosey neighbor. MPD can't see everything, but we can.

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