Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday Stew: What's Cooking

For over almost 2 years, two properties near Fairfax Village have caused Ms V heartburn. They've allow trash and other debris to collect. They allow shrubbery to grow out of control. If I have learned nothing from my community elders, it's Hillcrest has standards. The Hillcrest community prides itself on it manicure and maintain landscapes. Ms V will worry about tomorrow, when tomorrow comes. Now, I'll enjoy the moment of little victories.

VACANT LOT - 38th Street (2250 38th Street)

FINALLY, Ms V has received a small victory. This property located on 38th Street SE has been discussed ad nauseum on this blog in June 2009, July 2009, August 2009, Wednesday Stews, and March 2011. I even took my grievances to the Washington Post "The Daily Gripe". This morning as I'm walking my dogs, I see a DPW crew out there removing the trash, debris and overgrown brush. My neighbor and I walked over to tell them how thankful we were that this was being addressed. The last night she and I walked by the property there were liquor bottles, car windshields, condoms, and food containers on the property.

While I'm still being bounced back and forth between DCRA and DDOT over the construction fence, this little victory gives me hope.

Fairfax Village Shopping Center
The hedges along Pennsylvania Ave are GONE!!!! *happy dance*. Ms V couldn't stand those stupid hedges. The property manager didn't maintain them so the grew too tall, creating a safety hazard for pedestrians crossing at the exits/entrances of the shopping center. All types of trash and debris collected in them. As part of the Pennsylvania Ave Great Streets construction, they were removed yesterday to make way for a wider sidewalk. I sincerely hope DDOT does NOT put back hedges, since the property owner doesn't know how to maintain them.

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