Friday, March 11, 2011

Congressional Hockey Challenge

Ms V attended the 3rd Annual Congressional Hockey Challenge last night. The Lawmakers (US Reps & US Senators) versus the Lobbyists hockey game raised over $100,000 for the Fort Dupont Ice Arena and the Fort Dupont Hockey Club. Playing for the lawmakers: Senator John Kerry; Representatives Pat Meehan, Anthony Weiner, Brian Higgins, Mike Quigley, and Larry Bucshon; and Congressional staffers. There had to be well over 500 people in attendance. The final score was Lawmakers 3.... Lobbyist 5.

I really can't explain the feeling at had at the game, but I like lists.... so let me try to break it down.... here we go:

1. This event was at the Verizon Center
My neighbor and I were discussing that this was more than what we expected. The three middle sections of the Verizon Center were packed on one side. They eventually opened the middle section on the other side. There was one concession stand open as well. I'm still impressed at this event being held at the Verizon Center. Ted Leonis, owner, was there the whole game.

2. Senator John Kerry cares about OUR kid
Yes there were other members of Congress there, but Sen. Kerry is the most "famous". Here a former Presidential candidate was taking time out of his day to play a hockey game for our kids. He was actually pretty smooth on the ice.

3. VIPs care about OUR kids
Sure maybe some of them had a hidden agendas. Regardless of why there were there, they were there. In attendance: NHL Commissioner, first black hockey player in the NHL, Stanley Cup winners. Sorry I don't remember their names. Ms V isn't much of a hockey person.

4. This was ALL for OUR Kids.
Clearly, this event was the result of a lot of effort. The uniforms, the programs books, the silent auction items, everything..... it was all for our kids. This event was a big to do and without being there I don't know if I can adequately capture the event.

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