Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kudos to Ward 8's Newest Addition

Uniontown Bar & Grill is a welcomed addition to the East of the River family and specifically the Historic Anacostia neighborhood. Congress Heights on the Rise has a great review sums up my feelings in one word.

Finally a Washington Post article that gets it right. Chris Jenkins, author, can be seen at events all over East of the River. His mission is to really get to know the people and the neighborhoods in order to write about what's happening in the neighborhood. Here is Mr. Jenkins' article on Uniontown Bar & Grill.

Inside Uniontown Bar and Grill, three women sip on turquoise-colored cocktails at the bar and talk about life and love. Later, a pair of elderly sisters come in for a late lunch, plunk down pictures and talk about their grandchildren.

It could be a midday scene from any of U Street's chic hipster joints or an Adams Morgan eatery. But what makes the scene unusual is where it's happening: in Anacostia, a long-neglected area of the city where, until recently, residents' entertainment and retail options were few.

To read the full article, Click Here.

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