Thursday, February 24, 2011

In case you missed it - Penn Branch

(ICG Properties)

In case you missed the February ANC 7B meeting (Ms V missed it too), Lydia DePillis has a recap regarding a Height Act resolution passed by the ANC. In summary, ANC 7B voted that the maximum height be measured from the low point and not the high point (over simplified of course). The final vote was 4-3. For the record, ANC 7B06 Commissioner Robert Jordan voted against the resolution.

Ms V's person opinion is I would love for the commercial portion of Penn Branch to be relocated closer to the sidewalk and move the parking to the back to make it more walkable. When I go to Penn-Branch I usually walk or take the bus. I can't tell you how many times I've almost died trying to walk through the parking lot.

Here's Ms. Lydia's recap:

Last week, Advisory Neighborhood Commission 7B weighed in on an issue now before the Zoning Commission: Whether or not Akridge, in building up to the elevation allowed by the Height Act at its Burnham Place development behind Union Station, should be able to measure height from the top of the H Street "hopscotch" bridge rather than the ground. The ANC supported the National Capital Planning Commission's opinion that Akridge should have to measure from the lower point, which would reduce the height of the buildings significantly.

What interest does ANC 7B have in how high a building is next to Union Station? Not any more than the average D.C. citizen body, really. But the commissioners see the issue applying to a project in their own community: The Penn Branch Shopping Center, where renovations have been in the works for nearly five years now. ICG Properties bought the property back in 2006, and is planning to upgrade and expand the commercial area and eventually build housing on the back parking lot. The surrounding community, in particular the residents of O Street directly behind the mini-mall, want to make sure that it stays as short as possible.
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