Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hillcrest gets love from Urban Turf

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Hillcrest got love from the folks at Urban Turf today. Ms V thinks this is one of the better articles written about Hillcrest. Why, you ask...

1. Naylor Gardens & Fairfax Village finally get some love. Most articles treat us like the red-headed stepchildren.
"... but inside the community’s boundaries, there is one quiet, rolling street after another, each lined with dignified homes that sit above well-tended lawns or low-rise apartment and condo complexes resembling college dorms."

"While most of the homes are detached single-family houses, the neighborhood’s east and west corners are anchored by large condo and co-op complexes. To the west is Naylor Gardens, a 42-acre co-op campus built during World War II to house defense workers; at the eastern end is Fairfax Village, a tight network of townhouses and condos. Both are attractive, and remarkably affordable; $100,000 is enough to purchase a one-bedroom unit in either one. "

2. Recognition that Hillcrest has always been and remains a diverse community.
"The suburban atmosphere extends to the area’s residents, a diverse mix that host annual block parties and holiday luncheons together, fostering a strong sense of neighborliness."

3. Crime in Hillcrest is less than Georgetown
"And indeed, the total number of crimes (both property and violent crimes) that occurred in the community over the past year was about one-fifth the number of those that took place in a residential section of Georgetown during the same period."

4. Bringing attention to the fact that my community needs better bus service!!!! [Before you beat me up with comments like "well you knew there was no metro when you moved there." When I bought my place, I worked at the old DOT building. The V5 picked me up a block away from my house and delivered me right to the front door of my building. Naylor Road Metro is a walkable distance from my house, however the danger lies in trying to cross the off-ramps from Suitland Parkway in Maryland.]
"There are various bus lines that serve Hillcrest, but the number that head back across the river towards central DC is limited. The closest Metro station is Naylor Road on the Green line, just over the border in Prince George’s County, but it’s not a walkable option for many Hillcrest residents."
Kudos to Urban Turf for a great article!!!!

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