Friday, January 14, 2011

Proposed Polling Locations for Special Election

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The Washington Examiner broke the story that the Board of Elections and Ethics is considering reducing the number of polling stations to 16 (2 per ward) for the Special Election scheduled for April 26th (which is the day after Ms V's birthday!!!). Since then there have been debates on twitter on what's more important the reducing the cost of the Special Election or providing residents with as many locations possible. Layered on this debate is the fact that special elections have low turn-out.

Ms V is concerned about the Anacostia Library location in Ward 7. While it is in Ward 7, it's better serves Ward 8. There is Metro Bus access, however those of us living in the Southern part of Ward 7 would not have 1 seat ride (i.e. we would have to take more than 1 bus) to the Anacostia Library. In addition, there isn't much on-street parking in that area.

The challenge with Ward 7 is many of the DC-owned locations are in relatively obscure locations on top of the fact that our bus service lacks seamless connectivity. Despite all that I'd like to offer some suggestions for existing BOEE precincts that are at least more central for Ward 7 residents. Obviously they aren't all government-owned

* Randle Highlands Elementary School
* Sousa Middle School
* Fort Davis Recreation Center
* St. Francis Xavier Church
* Pennsylvania Ave Baptist Church

What are your thoughts, neighbors?

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