Monday, January 10, 2011

Prayer Vigil Tonight for William Lockridge

For Immediate Release:
Contact: Natalie Williams, Family Spokesperson
(202) 904-9466 Direct

Citywide Candlelight Vigil Planned for Monday Night for State Board of Education Member William Lockridge

(Washington DC) A citywide candlelight vigil is planned for State Board of Education Member William Lockridge on Monday night, January 10, 2011 at George Washington University Hospital. The vigil will be held at 7pm in the front of GWU hospital along 23rd Street. All participants should gather at the Foggy Bottom Metro station and proceed as a group up 23rd street stopping below Mr. Lockridge's hospital window. The vigil will last approximately 45 minutes.

"This morning, Mr. Lockridge remains in the intensive care unit on life-support and has shown little, but encouraging progress," says Natalie Williams, Family Spokesperson. "On behalf of the Lockridge family, I would like to thank everyone for their o utpour of love and kind words. We thank the leadership of the city for their presence and support. We thank families from across the city for thinking of us, and praying for us. And we thank the residents of Ward 8 for their around the clock support. I ask that you continue to pray for William and the entire Lockridge family during this very difficult time."

Jacque Patterson, President of the Ward 8 Democrats and Chief Organizer of tomorrow night's vigil, is asking for the District of Columbia to come together as one in prayer to lift Mr. Lockridge to recovery, "William Lockridge, former president of the Ward 8 Democrats, has been a strong supporter of this organization, and his family has served as pillars in Washington DC for decades. We thank them for their many contributions over the years and for serving as true examples of leadership, commitment, and strength. Education across the District has improved, and Ward 8 has become a better home because of their unselfish service. We ask that you come out and support his wife, Wanda Lockridge, their children and grandchildren. We pray that William is recovered and that the family finds comfort during these trying times."

Ted Trabune, President of the DC State Board of Education, says "The members of the State Board of Education are sadden by the news of our fellow colleague. As the senior member of the Board, we value William's strength and institutional knowledge of education across the District. He is passionate about his work, and he is passionate about those in which we represent -- always beating the drum of equity for all children. We sincerely hope that the entire education community joins us in the showing of our love and support for William and his family."

All District of Columbia Elected Officials, State Board of Education Members, and Clergy from across the District have been invited. For more information and media requests, please contact Natalie Williams at (202) 904-9466.

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