Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ward 7 Shows Love to Thai Orchid

This afternoon about 20 people came out to show support for Thai Orchid's Kitchen. Not too shabby considering it was the middle of a workday and we only announced the event late last night via listservs, Twitter, and Facebook. We took the lemons of an armed robbery and turned it into community lemonade.

The message to Thai Orchid was loud and clear. We want you in our community. We pledged to work with MPD to increase patrols in that area to prevent this from happening again.

The following Ward 7 communities were represented: Fairfax Village/Hillcrest, Hillcrest proper, Benning Heights, Marshall Heights, Dupont Park, Twining, and Deanwood. We also had friends from Ward 6 and Ward 8 come by to show One City love.

Thanks to Maceo Thomas who started the ball rolling on this event. Thanks to all those who came out. Let's keep this momentum up!!! #Spreadlove


  1. Sorry to have missed this! Great to see so many people supporting Thai Orchid.

  2. great pix. i was full off of the exquisite tom yum soup and an order of dumplings... oh and the FREE wi-fi is right fast!!