Friday, December 10, 2010

Newest member of Def Comedy Jam

(photo from Essence Community online)

Apparently CM Yvette Alexander has been moonlighting as a comedian. In today's Washington City Paper, Alan Suderman interviewed Alexander about the Barry Reality TV Show. I got caught up in watching all three episodes yesterday. The first episode seems to focus on the overly dramatic Andre Johnson, who is (for now), Alexander's Director of Communication. From the Washington City Paper article, it is crystal clear that Alexander was not pleased.
Alexander says she declined Johnson's request to because she wants no part of the show, which she called "cheesy." Well, maybe she'll agree to one small role: “If he wants me to be part of the show, he can film me firing him," she says. Ouch.
HAHAHAHAHAHA..... Ms V is dying laughing.... Then regarding appearances by CMs Harry Thomas (Ward 5), Michael Brown (at-Large) and Kwame Brown (at-large and Chair-elect), Alexander says:
"Please stick to the council. Hollywood is not in the stars for you."
Ms V is wiping the tears... Side note: in the scene with the Browns (K and M), K. Brown looks super short talking to M. Brown. Then the article ends with:
“I just found it very distasteful," she says. "I think reality TV ... seems to be for people who hit rock bottom."
Ms V can't handle it.... Needless to say, I got a good old fashion belly laugh today. Click here if you want to read the whole article.

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  1. CM Alexander was awesome in that article! I laughed too! Perfect way to handle the situation. Elected officials should NOT be reality tv stars.