Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Conceptual Renderings for Ward 7 Walmart

At the Ward 7 Leadership Council held on December 18th, Walmart provided conceptual renderings to the community. The Ward 7 site is located at East Capitol Street and 58th Street NE. The building is slated to be 118,000 square feet, which will include a fresh produce and other groceries.

Some of the concerns/suggestions mentioned at the Leadership Council were:
  • Contract with local professional services, such as architectural/engineering and environmental firms
  • Create a pedestrian connection to the Capitol Heights Metro Station in Maryland
  • Developing a long-range plan to continue to hire within Ward 7 and DC
  • Work with re-entry programs to provide job opportunities to ex-offenders
  • Ensure public transportation access to reduce motor vehicle trips
  • Minimize the building and other impervious surface footprint to protect the tributary that runs along the rear of the property from run-off
  • Provide living wages
  • Create opportunity for employees to progress into management positions
By no means are these all the concerns. These are just the ones I remembered. There is a community meeting tomorrow night (12/29) to continue the discussion of community concerns and develop a community vision.

(photo provided by Walmart at Ward 7 Leadership Council)

(photo provided by Walmart at Ward 7 Leadership Council)


  1. Why does this thing look like a school. It looks like a design that is meant for the Charter School sitting less than a block from the site. I do hope that they come up with something a little better than this. I will be at the meeting tomorrow or rather this evening-Wednesday.

  2. It looks like a school.

  3. this is new schools?

  4. Trying to open up four Walmarts in one town sounds like an invasion. The clear targets are Safeway and CVS, personally, I'm not looking forward to Walmart as my only food source. There are several high profile documentaries that we should be aware of on the subject such as "The Age of Walmart" and "The High cost of Low Prices".
    Preview at:

  5. I watched the new age of Walmart a few days ago and strong opposition is a way to combat it. However, there is strength in numbers because the plan has not been finalized yet. It is still under PUD review and process. Be sure to attend the next meeting on January 26,2010. And stay informed on any updates.