Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Speaking of Voting

While you are voting for Robert Jordan for ANC7B06 today, don't forget we have an equally important vote happening on Saturday. Hillcrest Community Civic Association will be electing it's new Board and Directors this Saturday. Yours Truly (aka Miss V) is running for Street, Traffic, and Transportation Committee. I'm a licensed Professional Engineer in Civil engineering with a concentration in transportation. I'm passionate about non-motor vehicle transportation (i.e. walk, bike, bus, rail).

My goals for our community is to:
1) identify locations were we can add bike racks and bike lanes as many members of our community depend on bike for transportation.

2) advocate as a community for better bus services

3) identify and address intersections where there are pedestrian and vehicle conflicts. For example, try walking across Alabama Ave at a crosswalk where there is not traffic light.

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How to Vote for me
Fairfax Village is within the boundaries of HCCA. All you have to do is pay your membership (if you haven't already) and you are eligible to vote. Come to the HCCA meeting on Saturday at 10:00 AM at the Hillcrest Recreation Center. Check the box next to my name!!!

Who else is running?
Challenging the incumbent President, Karen Williams, is Marvin Bowser, who is currently the 1st Vice President.

Here is the full slate:
President (Vote for one)
• Bowser, Marvin
• Williams, Karen
• Write-in____________________________

1st Vice President (Vote for one)

• Chamberlain, Kathy
• Marlin, Robin
• Write-in ___________________________

2nd Vice President (Vote for one)

• Stuckey, Boyle
• Write-in___________________________

Recording Secretary (Vote for one)
• Dupree, Yvonne
• Lowry, Rita
• Write-in__________________________

Treasurer (Vote for one)
• Evans, Monica
• Write-in__________________________

Chaplain (Vote for one)

• Hawkins, John
• Write-in __________________________

Parliamentarian (Vote for one)
• Burke, Kenneth
• Write-in __________________________

Chair, Education and Recreation Committee (Vote for one)
• Buckner, Shawn
• Write-in______________________________

Chair, Environmental and Beautification Committee (Vote for one)
• Ross, Mary
• Write-in______________________________

Chair, Public Safety and Emergency Committee (Vote for one)

• Kirkpatrick, David
• Write-in______________________________

Chair, Membership Committee (Vote for one)
• Akers, Scott
• Write-in_____________________________

Chair, Communications Committee (Vote for one)
• Phipps-Evans, Michelle
• Write-in_____________________________

Chair, Street, Traffic and Transportation Committee (Vote for one)
• Davis, Veronica O.
• Write-in_____________________________

Chair, Fundraising Committee (Vote for one)
• Brown, Sheila
• Write-in____________________________

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