Monday, November 29, 2010

One City?

I had a great few days off. I was getting caught up on news that I missed during my staycation. Dorothy Brizille of DC Watch makes an interesting observation about the Gray Transition Team.
Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of Gray’s transition leadership is its composition. Sixteen individuals comprise the “team,” and their ward residency is distributed as follows: Ward One, 1; Ward Two, 2; Ward Three, 5; Ward Four, 2; Ward Five, 1; Ward Six, 3; Ward Seven, 0; Ward Eight, 1. In a city that Gray hopes to govern under a big “One City” tent, perhaps he doesn’t consider the residency distribution of his transition leadership team to be that important. But in general, the wards that supported Fenty in the primary were rewarded; the wards that supported Gray got stiffed.

Ward 7 has no representation on the transition team. Perhaps its all a coincidence. I sincerely hope this is not a sign of things to come. I'm still hopeful that Ward 7 will reap some benefits of having the highest two elected positions in the City.


  1. Whether it's mere coincidence or not,isn't Vincent Gray his own representative from Ward 7?

  2. Depends on whether one counts the Mayor-Elect as a member of the transition team or not. I'm hopeful that he is representing Ward 7 in the transition.