Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Left out .... AGAIN

Washingtonian Magazine has an article entitled "Is Hillcrest the New Power Neighborhood?" Excerpt from article:

New York City has Gracie Mansion, and Los Angeles offers its mayor Getty House. Maryland and Virginia’s governors live in centuries-old estates. But if you’re elected mayor of DC, as Vince Gray was yesterday, you’re on your own....

For Gray, that means that come January he’ll still be in a tan-brick house in the city’s Hillcrest neighborhood, a middle-class community on the bluffs east of the Anacostia River.

Hillcrest features center-hall Colonials on large lots. Its quiet streets have names like Camden and Bangor and High View. It has a good community center, a strong civic association, and decent schools. It’s as peaceful and stately as elite Northwest DC communities such as Spring Valley and Crestwood, home to lame-duck mayor Adrian Fenty.

For full article, click here.

Fairfax Village and Naylor Gardens have been snubbed yet again. Part of me "gets it" because people aren't aware of the stately homes that exist East of the River, such as the ones on the exclusive Westover Drive. However, the other part of me feels like we are Hillcrest's dirty little secret. Looks like Miss V has some more work to do to get us recognized. Anywho...

The article goes on to explain everything we lack in Hillcrest, which is really stating the obvious. The gist of the article makes a strong point that I hope doesn't get lost: WITH HILLCREST HOLDING THE TOP TWO MOST POWERFUL ELECTED POSITION, WILL THERE FINALLY BE SOME ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ACTION. Okay granted they didn't explicitly state that, but Miss V can read between the lines or maybe I just read what I wanted to read.

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