Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In case you missed it

Miss V tries to keep a level head, but I get annoyed when I feel like I'm being punked. Over the last few months several stolen autos have been recovered in Fairfax Village. Why? Well we are right on the border with Maryland and it's a quiet neighborhood. Coming home to the umpteenth stole auto today set me off. I went "a little" on the neighborhood listserv. In case you aren't on those listservs, I didn't want you to feel left out of my rant.

***steps on soapbox***

This goes for everyone, but especially those of us living in Fairfax Village. I don't mean to put us on high alert, but I requesting that EVERYONE start calling 911 for anything that looks remotely suspicious. Let MPD figure out if its legit or not. I just got home this afternoon to a stolen auto left on Fort Davis St. I've lost count (MPD is working on an exact number for me) but I think we have to up to 6 or 7 stolen cars in the last 30 days (I have no concept of time) that have been left either on the streets of Fairfax Village or in the parking lots. Needless to say I'm beyond annoyed that criminals feel comfortable enough with our neighborhood that we have become a dumping ground for stolen autos.

In at least one instance people witnessed guys stripping down the car in the parking lot, but they just thought it was guys working on their car at 6 AM in the morning.

Crime will NOT stop until we do our part to alert the police. Time to be nosey neighbors like Pearl from 227. If you hear a car alarm go off, look out the window. If you hear people outside, look out the window. Even if you don't hear anything, look out the window every now and then. If you come home late, call a neighbor to look out the window. If you come home early, call a neighbor to look out the window. My point is "look out the window"

Let's send a message that Fairfax Village/Hillcrest is NOT the neighborhood to go to if you want to do crime.

***steps off soapbox***

I forgot to complete my thought, so I added it in another email
And turn on your porch lights!!!

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