Friday, November 12, 2010

Can't thank you enough

(Photo by robizphoto on Flickr)

We can't give enough thanks for the men and women of MPD 6th District. I received word from TACT Unit that there was a drug bust in Fairfax Village. The offender was trying to take over for another drug dealer, who is currently serving jail time for possession with intent to distribute, that used to work the 38th and Alabama corner. They recovered a lot of marijuana and money. That's all the details I have at this time.

Thank You... Thank You.... Thank You.

MPD did their part and we need to do ours. If you are interested in assisting with writing a Community Impact Statement (CIS), please email me directly ( and I can put you in touch with a group of citizens committed to fight. The CIS will be signed "Concerned Members of the Community" so it is completely anonymous.

What is a CIS? A CIS is a statement from the community describing the impact of the offenders crime on the quality of life. Once the offender is found guilty (by plea or ruling), the US Attorney's Office provides the CIS to the judge to consider for sentencing.

Can the CIS really make a difference? YES. Several member of the community banned together to write a CIS for a known drug dealer living in Fairfax Village. As a result of the efforts of a few committed citizens, that person is serving 210 days in jail with 180 days suspended sentence. When he is released he has 2 years probation and a stay away order from Fairfax Village.

But what if the person retaliates? We can lay down and accept this behavior or we can come together as a community and fight.


  1. Yet another future civil rights claim.

    One day these MJ dealers will be getting a formal apology and cash for the theft of their property.

    The idiot police and those behind them should pay a special tax for being such dopes to fall for this RICO-False Claims actionable criminal behavoir for protecting cigarettes and pharm- unless they would like to testify as to the conduct of criminal masonry and its control of our government.

    How does it feel to be perverting markets to promote more dangerous drugs- aka Virginia Dope (cigarettes)?

    More on 'criminal mercantilism at Freedom of Medicine and Diet

    And if we had a real man in the White House (which we have not had since the American people roilled over on the JFK assassination)

    All MJ people are owed an apology and the resignation of all anti MJ people from the government.

    God Bless Marijuanna.

    To hell with the fools behind its prohibition.

    Douglas A. Willinger
    Freedom of Medicine and Diet

  2. This isn't a debate whether MJ should be legal or not. Right now it is illegal. If you are so passionate about MJ, please provide me your address and I can send the drugdealers to sale MJ from your house.