Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Applications Due December 1, 2010

Greater DC Cares’
Neighborhood Empowerment Initiative is focused on mobilizing the time, talent, and resources of residents to strengthen families and transform communities into thriving and vital places to live. For winter 2010/spring 2011, we are excited to pilot a neighboring micro-grant initiative that will enable leaders within the community to plan and execute a project that they feel is beneficial to their community. This grant is intended to utilize the neighborhood’s assets, skills, and talents to address neighborhood’s needs. The purpose of this grant is to give community residents the power of real resources to make their visions of change a reality.

Grant Goals
1. To help strengthen individuals and families
2. To help develop neighborhood leaders
3. To help transform communities
4. To help build individual and family economic success

How Grants Work
• Individuals or teams of residents from the community apply for a grant of up to $300 using this application
• Projects must be created, led, and maintained by community residents
• All costs must be authenticated with receipts. If financial need is shown, this can be worked out as needed.
• Greater DC Cares will support the project

Application Eligibility
To be considered for this award, the Grantee must meet the criteria listed below. In submitting an application, you acknowledge you are applying as an individual, not as part of a nonprofit organization.
• Grantees must have reliable modes of communication with which to be in touch with Greater DC Cares.
• Grantees must have a commitment to their community.
• Grantees must reside in the community they wish to serve (either zip code 20019 or zip code 20002).


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