Saturday, November 6, 2010

And now I'll add something else to my plate

Miss V won the HCCA election against A.B. Stain today (A.B. Stain = abstain... under Robert's Rules of Order even if you are running unopposed you still have to win majority votes). I'm the Chair-elect for the Street, Traffic, and Transportation Committee. Thanks for everyone who voted for me.

So as if I'm not busy enough with maintaining "Life in the Village", AND running my company Nspiregreen LLC (shameless promotion) AND maintaining our blog for Nspiregreen (more shameless promotion), AND managing my personal website (I clearly have no shame in self-promotion), AND managing the Hillcrest Facebook page, AND having some resemblance of a young and fabulous personal life.... I will now add maintaining a blog specific to the Transportation Committee.

In order to be efficient with my time, all transportation issues specific to Hillcrest will be on the HCCA blog with a link from this blog.

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