Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What are those things with the bikes?

At this Hillcrest Community Civic Association Meeting someone asked about the station thingies with the bikes. These stations are part of the Capital Bikeshare Program. YOU, residents of Hillcrest can use these bikes to commute to work, the grocery store, the library, or where ever your little heart desires. Visit the Capital Bikeshare Program website for more information and station locations, but Miss V will give you the scrolling marquee version of how it all works.
  1. Pay an annual membership ($50 for limited time)
  2. Get a "key" in the mail that is unique to you.
  3. Use key to borrow a bike for up to 24 hours (free for first 30 minutes then nominal fee after)
Okay Miss V, how does this work in practical terms? Alright, let's say for example you want to go from Hillcrest to Anacostia Library.
  1. Walk to the nearest station. Since you live in Hillcrest it's either at Good Hope or Penn Branch Shopping Centers. As a side note: Miss V is advocating for a third one closer to Fairfax Village at the triangle parcel between 38th Street, Alabama Ave, and Pennsylvania Ave SE. Putting one here would link Good Hope, Penn Branch, Fort Davis and Fairfax Village Shopping Centers. Not to mention service Fairfax Village which has about 1,000 units. But I digress...
  2. Use your key to get a bike from the station
  3. Put on your helmet (safety first, people)
  4. Ride bike to Anacostia Library
  5. Place bike in station at the library
That's it. Five easy steps. I hope that some of you will become members of the program.

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