Friday, October 22, 2010

Ward 7 needs better bus service

Miss V and neighbor Kelsi co-authored a blog post on Greater Greater Washington about the needs for bus service in Ward 7.
To many living in DC, Ward 7 is that nebulous place somewhere East of the Anacostia River. What many people do not realize is that Ward 7 is a collection of distinct neighborhoods, commercial areas ripe for redevelopment, and large areas of open space. Despite all that Ward 7 has to offer, we only have three Metrorail stops, making the bus system our transportation lifeline.

If you couple our bus dependency with the high unemployment rate, you would think the residents in Ward 7 would get our fair share of resources dedicated to bus enhancements. But rarely does anyone talk about how transportation accessibility can help solve some of these employment and quality of life issues in Ward 7.

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