Sunday, October 3, 2010

Time to be Nosey

It's time to be a little nosey. Since I've lived in PSA 606, crime has been relatively low compared to other parts of the City. I don't know if its the economy, a full moon, or what, but there has been a rise of violent crime in the last few weeks.

Earlier this month there was an armed robbery in Fairfax Village on the 3800 block of W St SE around 11:15 pm. The suspects used a sawed off shotgun. On September 26th there was a carjacking between 12:28 and 12:32 at 2418 34th Street SE. Four black men with silver handguns in a blue Toyota SUV with partial DC tags 188 attacked a woman as she was getting out of her car. They wrestled her to the ground and stole her purse containing credit cards, cellphones, and keys. They took her vehicle and fled East on Camden Street SE.

Then Saturday afternoon as we were leaving the Hillcrest Meeting the Public Safety Chair received a call from Lt. Hodge that a carjacking had just occurred at 2500 36th Street off Southern Ave SE. This time it was two black men in a blue Toyota Highlander with DC partial tags AV 841 or AV 814.

Fairfax Village hasn't been immune to the carjackings. Remember, we had one back in March from the Village IV parking lot. In addition, as recent as two weeks ago a car stolen in PG County was abandoned in the Village IV lot.

While hanging with my one of my girls at Target, my phone starts blowing up like I owe someone child support. My neighbors were calling me to tell me around the 7 o'clock hour Saturday evening a man was stabbed on Fairfax Village VII (3800 block of V St SE). After being stabbed the man walked up 38th Street SE and collapsed on Alabama Ave SE near the Papa John's. When I arrived back home around 9pm, the area looked like a scene from CSI. 38th Street was blocked off between V Street and Pennsylvania Ave SE. Alabama was blocked off from 38th Street to Pennsylvania Ave SE. While I do not have all the details, based on what I'm hearing from neighbors I do not thing this particular crime was random.

I've said it before and I will keep saying it... We ALL need to be the eyes and ears on the street for MPD. If you notice anything or anyone that is suspicious, trust your gut instinct and call 9-1-1. If you see a car up on cinder blocks on the street or in a lot, call 9-1-1. If you see people sitting in a car and it makes the hairs on your arms stand up, call 9-1-1, because typically "bad people" will scout the neighborhood before they do the crime.

Do NOT call 311 for police matters. You'll be routed to 911 anyway. For those of you living in Fairfax Village or close to the Maryland border, call 911 from your landline. If you call from a cellphone you may be routed to Maryland's dispatcher first. If you have to call from your cellphone make sure to ask if you are speaking to the DC dispatcher.

If you don't feel that it rises to the level of an emergency there are other options, listed below:
  • Text 50411 from your cell phone
  • Call the anonymous tip line (888) 919-CRIME
To stay informed about crime in the neighborhood

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