Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Should I hold my breath?

Well, yesterday morning ANC Commissioners Yvonne Moore (7B03) and Richard Evans (7B06), and I met with Jackson Prentice, who is the property manager for Fairfax Village. We discussed the following:
  • Trash: I expressed concern about the litter at the shopping center. I emphasized that Fairfax Village condos also struggles with non-residents littering on our property. Despite the nuisance, we still pay to have someone pick up the litter daily. Mr. Prentice assured us he was working to get a new contractor to ensure the place stays clean.
  • No Loitering Signs: We discussed the constant loitering problem at the shopping center and how many women who live in the immediate area will not patronize any of the businesses. Commissioner Evans stated the problem was at the bus stop. FAIL. I had to correct him. Men loiter at the liquor store, Danny's and the stairs next to Papa John's all day long. Mr. Prentice stated he will have signs put up at those three locations.
  • Hedges: I explained that the hedges make it difficult for cars exiting the lot to see pedestrian on the street. Mr. Prentice stated that DDOT was going to remove them as part of the Great Streets Project. Since DDOT isn't scheduled to get to our end until early 2011, he's going to see if DDOT will do it sooner.
  • American Flag: Mr. Prentice is going to get a better quality flag and see how long it lasts. The other option is removing the flag all together.
  • Retail: Commissioner Evans was asking Mr. Prentice about the zoning issues related to Wings to Go. We commended Mr. Prentice for the addition of the new stores (Wings to Go and Penn Way Market). He mentioned that the Davita Center spent $2 million to upgrade their space and it is really state of the art inside. There is a potential vacancy and Mr. Prentice mentioned the addition of H&R Block. FAIL. Miss V stated that tax services though needed are seasonal and there are plenty of programs offered by DC government. I promised to send Commissioner Evans a copy of the compiled list of retail the community would like to see.
  • PEPCO Redux: Mr. Prentice stated that he would love to move the pylons that protect the raised area of the parking lot. PEPCO has transformers under there. Mr. Prentice stated that the property owners would have to pay PEPCO $35-50,000 to make the area at-grade, because PEPCO has its transformers in the public right-of-way. Since PEPCO is involved I don't see this being addressed any time soon.
I want to take this moment to say I heart Commissioner Moore. Mr. Prentice mentioned the type of retail he wants to see at the shopping center. Commissioner Moore asked him if he ever asked the community what they want. Mr. Prentice answered that he does when the community contacts him. FAIL. Commissioner Moore didn't let that slide and requested that Mr. Prentice engage the community.

All-in-all, it was a mildly useful meeting. I'm glad I attended.


  1. Thanks for summarizing the main points of the meeting and for getting this information out to the community QUICKLY. I couldn't attend the meeting because of work. Did the property manager Mr. Prentice give any dates for when some of this work will be completed (posting no loiterng signs, employing a new contractor to pick up the trash, etc.)?

  2. Thanks! The community does not need another tax business (H&R Block). Can we please please please get a coffee shop?

  3. I agree with Anonymous. Thank you and I would love to see a bookstore, a coffee shop, or even ice cream. I am sick of hair, nails, chicken, and check cashing.