Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Countdown to D-Day

We are in the final days until the Primaries in DC. Miss V has spent the large part of this election cycle undecided in the Mayoral and Chairman races. I feel like I'm settling in both cases. My guest blogger today reminds me that we all have to make the best decision we can with the choices we have.

Whom to vote for if still undecided and a resident of Ward 7? Interesting question I would say so let's look at things on the ground before we make any decisions and ask certain questions.

1. What happens if I decide to vote for Fenty?
2. What happens if I decide to vote for Gray?
3. Does Kwame deserve the keys to the vault?
4. Who is Vince Orange and what does he know about Ward 7?

And if you do not know which Michael Brown is running then maybe you should not even have the right to vote. The internet works and it is not difficult to find out about any candidate. I have NO recommendations as YOU as an individual have the right to vote for any one you feel deserves your vote that is your right. However, the question becomes NOT which is the better candidate,but which candidate provides you yes YOU the voter with the most benefit.

We are talking services, (dog parks yes I went there) speed bumps, trash pick up and removal, number of police assigned to your area, transportation options etc. all of these things are decided by YOUR vote for the Mayor and Council Chair so think and chose wisely. Also consider which combination of Mayor and Chair will be most effective they will work as a team to some extent.

One of the ships will sail on(the victor and the one in power)and one will be sunk (the loser and with absolutely no power). Unfortunately there is no sitting this out. It is only 2 games with 2 opponents each so any boycott vote or abstaining effects YOU the voter not them as you have made a decision as to which team you support and which team supports you.

Choose wisely...

Mr. Precint 96

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