Thursday, September 23, 2010

Be my neighbor

Hot off the Twitter press, Roland Martin and his beautiful wife will be moving to DC. See @rolandsmartin tweets below:
It's official: After 6 years living in Chicago, wifey @jhoodmartin and I are moving to Washington, DC. This is necessary due to my TV 1 show

I'll be in DC by the end of October. This will cut down tremendously on travel, and allow me to do more things for Washington Watch.

You can also expect a lot more appearances on CNN as a result. So I go from steppin' to go go! LOL

I don't know if they have purchased or leased a home yet, but Miss V is hoping they'll at least consider Hillcrest. I know we have our share of challenges, but I must point out that Police Service Area 606 has relatively low crime compared to other parts of the City (NOT just East of the River). We have some beautiful homes, like this gem located on the exclusive Westover Drive that is currently on the market.
Located at 3125 Westover Drive, Miss V has seen this property first hand on the Hillcrest Garden Tour. The landscaping is absolutely breathtaking. According to, it's a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home on the market for $650,000. With 4420 square feet of space, the Martins will have plenty of room for Chicago stepping or hand dancing, which is popular with the Presumptive Mayor-elect and still Chairman Gray.

Westover Drive is located off of Pennsylvania Ave SE which is currently undergoing a massive transformation from a urban blah to a Great Street. Around the corner on Alabama Ave SE, our library is being reconstructed into world-class architecture. By next year this time, the Martins will be able to enjoy a quiet moment reading a book on the balcony of our library while enjoying Fort Dupont Park. In addition, the Martins will be a stones throw from the Presumptive Mayor-elect and still Chairman Gray and not to mention me (not that I'm a DC VIP or anything).

It may be a long shot, but I hope the Martins will at least do a drive-by window survey.

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  1. Also, the gorgeous Hillcrest neighborhood is roughly a 10 minute commute (if that long) to Capitol Hill.