Monday, September 27, 2010

All the transportation you can stand

On Saturday morning Councilmember Alexander hosted her monthly Ward 7 Leadership Council. The meeting started late, so the agenda ran behind schedule. As a result Miss V was unable to stay the entire time due to another engagement, but I was able to stay the first two hours. (yes, two hours). I was publicly admonished for not staying past two hours. **shrug** Anywho...

Before the meeting started I had an opportunity to talk with my twitter buddy, Councilmember Tommy Wells. One of the things I love about CM Wells is his passion for multimodal transportation. To my knowledge he is the only elected official that uses public transportation. (Please let me know if there are others). He asked me what I thought about the Capital Bikeshare program. I told him that a missed opportunity is the triangle property located at 38th St, Penn Ave and Alabama Ave, which of course is the large bus shelter near Fairfax Village. I also told him about the lack of bike racks in Ward 7.

CM Wells opened the meeting talking about the need to connect the neighborhoods in DC through modes like streetcars, circulator buses, and bikes. He mentioned that he started the Pedestrian Advisory Council to tackle issues of pedestrian safety, which by the way is such a big issues that there is a dedicated blog and twitter using the pen name Struck DC. CM Wells then excused himself to attend the H St Festival.

The second speaker was Jim Hamre, Director of Bus Planning, from WMATA. He provided an overview of recommended enhancement to bus lines service Ward 7. The annual operating costs for all improvements in Ward 7 is estimated at $8.8 million. For more information about the studies, please visit WMATA's Metrobus Studies site: If we are serious about some or all of these improvements we need to be sure our Councilmember knows so she can lobby on our behalf. In addition, during budget time WE need to attend the budget hearings to ensure Ward 7 doesn't get okie doked, hoodwinked, bamboozled... you get the point.

The final speaker was from DDOT to talk about the Circulator. As I mentioned earlier, I missed this presentation. Special thanks to all of those involved in making this discussion on transportation possible.

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