Monday, August 16, 2010

Who will be ANC7B06?

Who will be ANC 7B06 SMD?
Will it be Miss V?
Will Miss V run for ANC?

Miss V says "Are you cra-zy?
I will not run for ANC"

If not Miss V,
Who will it be?
Who will be ANC 7B06 SMD?
Don't sweat my poetic skills. Okay without further ado, Robert A Jordan has picked up petitions to challenge the incumbent for ANC 7B06. More to come about Robert and his vision as ANC; however, I can say that I think he is a good person for the job. He's quiet and very easy to forget he's in the room (not everyone can be loud as Miss V), but he has great ideas and is a very logical and analytical thinker. He has great ideas to engage the community. He's currently one of the Board members of Fairfax Village IV.

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