Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday Stew: What's Cooking

Speed Humps - The speed humps were installed last week. Since they've been installed the traffic on my block as significantly decreased. Not to mention that people are driving a lot slower. We've also noticed that there is much less trash on the grass in the mornings. Come to think of it, I rarely see trash anymore.

Fairfax Village Shopping Center - Heavy sigh. Miss V is going to turn up the heat on the property manager.

Street Repair - Well speed humps were installed, but the rest of my road wasn't repaired.

Public-Private Partnership Possible - Miss V us trying not to be discouraged, but the success or failure of this project falls squarely on the leadership (or lack there of) of the Fairfax Village Community Association.

Vacant Lot on 38th - A few Fairfax Village guerillas are working on a plan for that property. Stay tuned

Zip Cars - We are still waiting on our site visit.

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