Wednesday, August 25, 2010

SOS = Save our Substation: Letter to Mendo

Miss V sent an email yesterday to Councilmember Mendelson (at-large) who is the Chair of the Committee for Public Safety and Judiciary regarding the 6D Substation. Mendelson has been responsive to my requests in the past, so I don't expect anything less this time.
To: Councilmember Mendelson
CC: Councilmembers Alexander (Ward 7), K. Brown (at-large), Evans (Ward 2), Gray (Chairman), Bowser (Ward 4), and Cheh (Ward 3); Mendelson's staff

Councilmember Mendelson,

I understand there will be a public hearing on Thursday September 23rd regarding the District's plans for the location of the MPD 6D Substation currently located at 2701 Penn Ave SE. Given that this oversight hearing is during the workday andmanny of the affected residents will be unable to attend, I would like to make the following requests:
  • An additional public meeting in the affected communities and/or
  • Members of the Committee on Public Safety and Judiciary attend established community meetings to hear from the community. That includes, but not limited to, ANC 7B, PSA 605, 606, and 607, and Civic associations (Hillcrest, Penn-Branch, Fort Davis, Fort Dupont, Fairlawn, and others I may have midded).
In order to ensure my understanding of the situation so I provide testimony based on accurate information, I request the following prior to the hearing:

1. Information on relocation options
  • Comparable locations in the southern part of the police district that MPD has investigated as potential locations (if such an analysis has been completed)
  • Alternative plans being considered
2. Information on ALL Police Substations in DC
  • Location of the substation including the Police District
  • Is the substation leased or owned?
  • If leased, what is the annual lease? When will the lease expire? Does the City plan to renew the lease?
  • If owned, what was the purchase price? When was the property purchased?
  • City's proposed plans as it relates to the other police substations
I look forward to your timely response.


Miss V

"When one commits oneself to the struggle, it must be for a lifetime" - Angela Davis

I know the Council is on recess, but hopefully I'll hear something soon. For the record, I have no hidden agenda. The engineer in me needs to understand the big picture so I shape my thoughts and provide relevant solutions.

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