Sunday, August 8, 2010

Safeway Safeway Safeway

There were two Safeway representatives at the HCCA meeting on Saturday. Mr. Muckle, PR Director, and Mr. Parsons, Assistant Manager at Alabama Ave SE store addressed the community concerns outlined in a letter regarding the Safeway on Alabama Ave SE. It seems to me that many of the issues can be addressed with one or two simple solutions.
  1. Safeway has agreed to add bike racks (whoop whoop)
  2. Apparently since the bag tax, they noticed that more and more hand baskets are disappearing from stores across the City. The community made it clear that we should not be punished for the actions of a few. Safeway agreed to examine how to prevent hand basket theft.
  3. The community was very disappointed the self-checkout lines were removed. Safeway claimed that people were stealing groceries. The community countered that people with baskets full of groceries were using the self-checkout. Safeway agreed to reconsider the self-check out lines with a 15 item or less restriction.
  4. Speaking of lines, Safeway has agreed to enforce the 15 items or less in the express lines. Miss V suggested they hire local teens to assist with bagging groceries during the peak hours. That would assist with getting people through lines quicker and cut down on hand basket thefts. Safeway stated they are currently hiring for positions in the store.
  5. Safeway has agreed to keep the store clean and consider power-washing outside more often.
  6. Safeway has agreed to ensure their employees are dressed professionally (i.e. pressed and clean uniforms). They did say that if you see an employee not looking presentable to address it with the Manager on duty before you leave the store.
  7. Safeway stated if there are specific products you would like stocked, provide them with the specific information about the brand, type, etc.
Safeway did state that they requested the community be more vocal when they are in the store. If you see an issue, then address it with the Manager on duty while you are still at the store or within a day or two.


  1. #3 is ridiculous. What does people with baskets full of groceries using self-checkout have to do with Safeway's claim that people were using self-checkout to shoplift? It doesn't excuse, explain, or otherwise touch upon anything to do with shoplifting.

    It's one thing to argue in point #2 that the community shouldn't be punished for the theft of hand baskets. I would question if it's punishment for Safeway to stop resupplying handbaskets or just a sound business to stop throwing money down a pit, but at least I can see the point.

    Deciding not to have an optional system that was being abused to steal from the store, however, is not punishment of any kind. Self-checkout is pretty new. We can survive without it. Lowering the self-checkout lines to a 15 item or less restriction does lessen the number of things someone can steal, I suppose, but it hardly solves the problem the way eliminating the self-checkout does.

  2. I appreciate Safeway's willingness to have a discourse with the community, and the community's wanting safeway to do certain things.

    But at the end of the day, isn't this just business? The self-checkouts also save Safeway money (obviously) since they require less labor than regular checkouts. If they figure they are costing them more in theft than they save, then who could possibly argue against their decision to remove them?

    Anyway while it's nice that Safeway listens to their customers, it's still a business and I don't see why they would make a decision on this on any basis other than economics. I can't imagine why anyone would expect them to keep doing this if it's hurting their bottom line.