Monday, August 23, 2010

Penn Ave SE Great Streets Recap

Mea culpa neighbors for not doing a recap of Thursday's Pennsylvania Ave Great Streets Community Meeting. There wasn't any new earth-shattering information so I honestly just forgot. Big thanks to Commissioner Robin Marlin (7B05)for convening the meeting. The other Commissioners in attendance were Yvonne Moore (7B03) and Phillip Hammond (7B04). Noticeably absent was the Commissioner for 7B06 **coughs**.

  • PEPCO Lines: The long and short is DDOT cannot touch PEPCO power lines. I forgot the estimated figure DDOT gave for undergrounding the wires, but they did mention that resident would have had to pay $1000-2000 to place the lines underground from the main line to their house. Basically if we want any hope of getting the lines underground we would have to organize ourselves and lobby PEPCO. **and there in lies the problem**
  • Medians: Apparently some people do not like the idea of the medians. Instead of being able to turn left into their homes, some people will have to go around the block. Personally Miss V likes them and how it returns the street to similar to how it looked in the photo above circa 1947.
  • Trees/Landscaping: Miss V asked a question about trees. We are concerned that the moving the sidewalk back 4-5 feet will kill our 100 year old pine. Duff from Urban Forestry promised to meet with me to discuss potential impacts. In addition, he suggested having a meeting just on landscaping and trees.
  • Noise/Vibrations: Some residents along Pennsylvania Ave complained about the noise and vibrations from construction and from cars driving over the steel plates. DDOT stated that they are using cork under the steel plates to help muffle the noise. What was most interesting is that they have noise monitors on some of the homes. In addition, they are monitoring some homes and retaining walls to ensure there is no impact to the structural integrity.
  • Flat Tires: Some people have gotten flat tires as a result of the potholes, construction debris, and improperly installed steel plates. If you have gotten a flat tires as a result of the construction SAVE YOUR RECEIPT and bring it to the construction office located at 2410 Minnesota Ave to get reimbursed. Miss V suggests bringing evidence, such as photos of the tire and photos of the location where it happened.
That was the meeting in a nutshell. There were some moments where I wish the mic was cut off while some people were talking.

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